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Artist: Wendy Klemperer

Wendy Klemperer chameleon
Wendy Klemperer baby bear
norm's ostrich
Wendy Klemperer dragonfly
seven virtues

Some words from Wendy Klemperer:

"Because I find it physically engaging to make something bigger than me, my sculptures of animals are often larger than life. This exaggerated scale reflects the huge space a wild beast holds in the collective imagination, basis for legend and myth. Many of the animals depicted in my work are extirpated, representing disappearing species, surviving on the fringes of the developed world.

The surrounding environment pierces the negative space between the lines; emptiness infiltrates the work, echoing the absence of the animal.

Steel rebar speaks its legacy of the scrap yard; the ravages of demolition provide new life. Refuse from the industrial world is used to explore the body language of animals - emotion conveyed with motion. The sculptures are meditations on the state of being alive, re-imaginings of creatures threatened, but still potent."

Wendy Klemperer's website is located at View Wendy Klemperer's biography.

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